P90x Reboot Week 3 recap

Pin ItWhen I get stressed out, over worked, or start feeling a little down there is nothing like a good animated film to amuse me. The catchy songs, the upbeat themes, and easy to digest stories allow my over worked brain to relax.  Last week I watched Finding Nemo which I hadn’t seen it in […]


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Pin It     At times I like to believe I am super woman and I can run a 20 ring circus and keep it all together…all the time.  But, I must admit that although I maybe able to do many many things at once and do them well… there is always a price to pay… something […]


Pin It  I must apologize for the delay in this posting. The days seem to be blending into one another lately. I’ve been so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t had time to do anything besides school projects and workout. But, I will say that these tapes have been kicking my BUTT and […]