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I use to be a super fit person. The operative words here are USE TO BE. I played sports my entire life, danced, and living in NYC meant lots and lots of walking. I was able to keep up the my 5-6 day a week regimen pretty well up until a few years ago. Then I slowly but surely went from six times a week to a more manageable four times. I held that regimen for a while and then last year in it all fell apart. The whole nonstop hectic grad school schedule really threw a monkey wrench into my already declining workout schedule. For the first few months I did pool work outs three times a week and jogged one extra day. Which was great! THEN the midwest winter hit. **Please note I am NOT a person who likes the cold.** I found more and more excuses NOT to go to the pool, or go jogging, or well work out at all. It was pretty easy actually. Too easy in fact. By the end of January, if I managed to get to the gym or work out at all during the week… I was doing something. Couple that with stress, a town with unhealthy eating options, and a few extra drinks then normal… that equals a very slippery slope my friends.

And for me this summer has been a great wake up call as well. Having three months off.. yeah I know… weird… I’ve found myself traveling a lot… which means eating out more and really just having a HUGE vacation. Great right… yes..but the fitness regime still hasn’t gotten back into rotation the way it should. So, I’ve decided to try the ever popular Insanity Workout Challenge.

Many of my friends have tried it over the last year. The ones who stuck with it really saw great results. But, ” this workout is extremely difficult” is the message that has been echoed from every person that heard I was going to try it out. I’ve definitely been warned! A few people I know also said they injured themselves trying to complete it. But, most of those with injuries admitted they were over doing it or aggravated old injures. Knowing all this, both the good and the bad, will help me prepare for what I am about to face.

I have no delusions of becoming some muscle bound hulk version of myself or losing literally half my body weight (as some people online have professed to have done). My goal with this experiment is pretty simple. I want to #1 get myself back into the routine of working out on a regular basis #2 lose 8-10 lbs (in 60 days that’s not too bad) and also trim down every adult woman problem area….the hips and thighs! #3 See if I can go the distance on what is most definitely going to be a very difficult ride. #4 I want to do this online log for you guys…maybe it will help some one else out there but, it will most definitely keep me honest. I don’t want to quit with all you guys watching!

So that’s it… the journey begins today. I will keep a log of how each workout is going and add a few tips I make for myself a long the way. Wish me luck!


WEEK ONE:  I think it will be easiest to just log in and do a weekly recap. So here goes week one.

FIT TEST: Boy-oh-boy am I ever feeling out of shape! I haven’t worked out consistently or this hard in almost a year now. Today I felt like my muscles were on fire but, on the upside I made it through to the end. I lost my form a few times and had to rewind and start again. So my fit test probably not totally accurate. But, I wanted to get the moves right and really push hard at the same time. LESSON OF THE DAY: There is a pause button for a reason. I needed to use it and I have no shame in my game for admitting it!

DAY 2 – PLYOMETRIC CARDIO CIRCUIT: Another rough day. This video is longer then the fit test by 15 minutes. There are a lot of squats and lower body work on this one. Hello smaller hips and thighs! Because this is interval training and you have to be in the right heart rate zone before starting each new set…I took slightly longer breaks then the 30 seconds he gave to lower my heart rate enough to finish each circuit fast, strong, and with correct form. LESSON OF THE DAY: Form, form, form, form!  Safety and form are more important than anything else on these videos. As I got more and more tired I could have easily injured myself by being lazy with form. If they were going too fast for me then I slowed down and focused on form and continuing to push through the fatigue.

DAY 3 – CARDIO POWER & RESISTANCE: I tried to do a double day today. I was traveling over the weekend and didn’t have my DVD. So a friend and I ran 3 miles in the morning. Then after a full day of hanging out, walking around, traveling back home… I turned on my Insanity video. I got 10 minutes in and realized I was too ambitious today. I was exhausted and this video was SUPER HARD for me and I would injure myself if I continued. SO off to bed I went.

DAY 3 – CARDIO POWER & RESISTANCE (TAKE TWO):  So I woke up this morning super early determined to do this video again. I am SO glad I was smart enough not to try and push through this last night. #1 this video is all about power, squats, push ups, core, and jumps. You have to be focused and ready to really push yourself on this one to complete it safely and strong. NEMESIS OF THE DAY: Moving pushups! HOLY GOODNESS BATMAN! These killed me every time. On the positive side I will be the first to admit that I #1 hate push ups any way. I avoided them like the plague as much as possible even when I was in great shape. The most I could ever really get out was 20! This work out video had me doing that and then some. So at least I did them. #2 overall I was able to maintain better form on the whole then the past couple of days. Small improvements are still improvements!

DAY 4 -CARDIO RECOVERY: YEAH! No jumping around or intense circuits today. What a relief! But, not so fast. Before you rejoice too much please know Mr. Shaun T is still bringing the pain! This video focuses on form and stamina with core work. There are lots of painfully slow squats, lunges, and lower body poses that require core strength, concentration, and a threshold for the slow burn pain!  TODAY’S NEMESIS: Lunges. OOH feel the burn!!!!

DAY 5 – PURE CARDIO: Aw damn! When I read this title I thought: This sounds painful. OH and I was right. That day off was just the calm before the storm…dear lord! Even the people in the video were dripping wet and dropping like flies toward the end. This video is definitely about seeing how strong you are, how focused you can remain, and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone! MY NEMESIS TODAY: The entire damn video. This day was rough but, I did it! I feel so accomplished by the end of these. I have a runners high like none other! TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t get sloppy, be prepared to be a winded and sore, and drink lots of water!

DAY 6 – PLYOMETRIC CARDIO CIRCUIT: This is the second time around for this video in one week. I won’t say it was easier this time around. Instead I will say that I could see some improvement. I could go slightly further without feeling like I wanted to scream! ha ha. I took slightly shorter breaks in between and had a little more strength in the positions. My scale isn’t moving downward. It moved slightly up and then back to where it was. However, I can see a visible difference in my core area. My little bagel (as I call it) is fading. LOVE that! TIP OF THE DAY: make sure you are eating a balanced diet like they say. I wasn’t eating enough protein before. I am still eating mostly veggies to stay within my calories (based on my goals) but, upped the carb and protein quota.

DAY 7 – OFF DAY:  Oh so happy not to do a video today. But, I was up early and the weather outside is gorgeous .. so I decided to walk the hills around my apartment. I just downloaded the NikeRun+ app on my phone so I want to try it out. I did 2.35 miles at a moderate 4.0 pace. Then I finished my work out with 200 sit ups (different kinds) and 3 sets of squats at a slow pace.  I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous but, I wanted to keep moving.

RESULTS AT THE END OF THE WEEK: My scale is still holding steady but, I am seeing more definition in my abs for sure plus, I am wearing a pair of shorts I haven’t been able to fit into comfortably all summer. So I guess it’s working!

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