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  I must apologize for the delay in this posting. The days seem to be blending into one another lately. I’ve been so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t had time to do anything besides school projects and workout. But, I will say that these tapes have been kicking my BUTT and oddly enough keeping me sane as the stress level with grad school continues to rise.


This is meant to be a recovery week between the first and second portion of the DVDs. Six full days of the same dvd: Core Cardio and Balance. It was refreshing to have a new work out routine, new music, and less intensity. My knees most definitely thanked me. However, my hip flexor, quads, and gluts were not so happy. This was week of slow burn baby slow burn. There were exercise after exercise targeting the lower body muscle groups. The best and worst part of the session occurs at the end right before your stretch. Approximately 4-5 minutes of deep squat and hip flexor raises for a serious burn. This week I was very mindful of my groin and hip stretches. Of all the videos in this series so far this is one of the few that I could easily keep up on a daily basis. It gives a great full body work out that for morning or evening. I can also use it to supplement my water runs I intend to start once I finish with Insanity and P90x. Love this week of videos.


Dear lord I just need to get through this week. WOW this is gonna be rough. It’s like starting the series all over again.

Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test: For the first time ever I thought I might actually pass out doing these videos. A double day consisting of 90 minutes of hell. I did the fit test first. I felt strong and was able to keep all my numbers consistent or improved. But, THEN I had to do 60 minutes of the hardest circuits we have done to date. By, the end I felt like my arms and legs were going on auto pilot. I literally laid on the floor in a puddle of sweat for at least 30 minutes after completing this workout. It was rough! But, also thrilling. I couldn’t believe I actually made it through this all. I felt such a huge sense of accomplishment by the end…even if I was in pain. ha ha. New fun moves: side to side “s-hops” are a mix between jumping rope and ski jumps. Then there were squat push ups…going from a squat position into a floor push up and then back up into a squat. Yeah it even sounds hard when I write it. One legged V push ups was like a downward dog with one leg of the ground as you move into a push up.

Max Plyo Circuit: After yesterday I was surprised I was able to make it through this video. However, I felt really strong and able to do the majority of the exercises. I did try and use my strategy from week one (staying at my own pace regardless of what they were doing) which made a world of difference. Nemesis of the day: Side push ups, Switch jumps, and Wide In and Out. I really have to find a way to substitute some of these exercises that make my knees ache.

Max Cardio: Let’s get our sweat on shall we!! All the videos now seem to be 45 minutes to an hour versus the previous section where the longest video was about 45 minutes. Those extra minutes definitely help me see how much my stamina has improved. Today was difficult but, not impossible. I felt strong for the most part and made it through without too many stops. I did however have to make a few substitutes with exercises. I have noticed that this second round of video has a lot of exercises that aggravate my knee. So, in order to complete this safely I am swapping some things out for others. I do  the new S – hop abs instead of the on the floor ski abs.  I did plank push ups or punches instead of the in and out abs. I can not to do this new floor hop ab thing at the end of warm ups so instead I am doing some controlled ab work I use to do in dance class. I am not sure what they are called but, basically you lay flat on the floor first. Next, you raise your legs using your lower abs. When you get to the top you slowly lower them back down to the floor. You can also do this side to side for oblique work out.

Max Recovery: Much like the cardio recovery of the first set of videos this one is still a great work out minus the intense cardio. We continue to squat and lunge our way through this video. More slow burn!

Max Interval Circuit: Day 2 of this video in the same week. It was definitely easier the second time around. When I say easy please read…I didn’t feel like dying this time around. I was exhausted for sure but, no fear of passing out. Focus is key for me when I start getting tired in these videos…and today was most definitely an example of that. When I felt like I couldn’t possibly go any farther I’d take a quick three second break and then come back. If I needed to slow down then I did. If I needed to modify a little to not injure myself because of fatigue…I most definitely did that. It meant doing fewer reps of some of the poses but, it was worth it to not compromise my safety.

Max Interval Plyo: I am so glad that was the end of this week. My body is exhausted. I can’t wait for my day off. My knee is a little unhappy, my shoulders are tired, and my hip flexor isn’t too keen either. But, alas I am done with week six. Another week bites the dust!

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