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Hi Ya’ll,

This month I am starting a brand new cross blogging relationship with the awe inspiring Heather Robertson. She has a wonderful site called which chronicles her amazing weight loss. Heather lost 170 pounds (108 of it since starting Weight Watchers 18-months ago) and she did it all while having 3 children (all of them c-sections), developing two hernias, and battling a life-long addiction to food. Since achieving her goal weight, Heather has made it her mission to help other women, especially moms, realize they’re worth it too. Now Heather has agreed to team up with me to share some of her amazing weight loss tips on my site and I will be sharing some healthy recipes for her site. I am so excited about working with Heather and I hope these will help you as well.

Here is her first audio podcast which gives great tips that she used to make her life change. It’s super quick but, has some easy to tricks that can get you on the right track to your weight goals.

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Please click on the URL right below this message to take a listen!

 Heather Robertson – Halfsizeme


Some of Heather’s Favorite Tools to help you:

Measurement Conversion tools online: has a great convert calculator

Common Measurements and equivalents

Food Scales

I have one like this- nothing fancy here ?|13560443&CPNG=kitchen&ci_sku=13560443&ci_gpa=pla&ci_kw=

Here is a link with a slide show of how to eyeball your food with household items.


Here is something you can print and keep in your purse or wallet to help with portions

Web MD- Portion Control and Size Guide

For people that are considering keeping a food diary for weight loss. Does that make sense?



Weight Watchers


I used my weight loss tracker to keep me motivated and to see my progress.

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