Lamb Chili – Indian Style

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Pin It    Last week I entered the annual Chili Cook-Off here in Athens. I’ve made vegetarian chili for the past two years and felt like a little change of pace. My taste buds were definitely happy for the change even if it meant I didn’t win. Word to the wise, don’t underestimate the vegetarian […]


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Pin ItSo I’ve been on an Indian food kick lately. It started with the crockpot full of chickpeas the other day and exploded from there. First, I made Chana Saag. Then, last night I made Rogan Josh and today I am making cilantro chutney. I am obsessed ya’ll! As per the request of the lovely […]

Fast, Furious & Seriously Tasty: Mint Cilantro Chutney

Pin ItToday was one of those days: 10 hours of work; literally running several blocks, two trains, and up a few flights of stairs to an audition. Then I darted as fast as I could after work to Costco to pick up my contact lenses before they closed. On the train ride home all I […]