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Pin ItWATER KEFIR Full disclosure — I hadn’t heard of water kefir before about a month ago. I use to buy regular Milk Kefir from time to time because I knew how great a probiotic it is. But, I hated buying it because I rarely got through a container before it went bad. In part […]


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Pin ItHOMEMADE THAI ICE TEA A few weeks ago I was out at girl’s night with friends. We were ordering take out from our local joint that sells Thai and Chinese food. And there it was, gleaming at me from the menu, my favorite drink: Thai Ice Tea. I could see it… that delicious bright […]

8 Minute Chop and Drop Meal: Rosemary Chicken Pasta

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Pin It8 min meal: Rosemary Chicken Pasta It’s been a long time since I blogged….like a LONG TIME. Nearly a year I think. Le Sigh. But, sadly not because I haven’t been making meals or writing blog posts, but simply put: they never made it online. The time it takes to edit pictures, video, and […]

Fast, Furious & Seriously Tasty: Mint Cilantro Chutney

Pin ItToday was one of those days: 10 hours of work; literally running several blocks, two trains, and up a few flights of stairs to an audition. Then I darted as fast as I could after work to Costco to pick up my contact lenses before they closed. On the train ride home all I […]