8 Minute Chop and Drop Meal: Rosemary Chicken Pasta

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Pin It8 min meal: Rosemary Chicken Pasta It’s been a long time since I blogged….like a LONG TIME. Nearly a year I think. Le Sigh. But, sadly not because I haven’t been making meals or writing blog posts, but simply put: they never made it online. The time it takes to edit pictures, video, and […]


Pin ItEPISODE 14 -ZUCCHINI NOODLES   This particular episode has been a LONG time coming. Several people asked me for the recipe when I first made it back in December. I posted the basic instructions but, they wanted an official step-by-step episode. I have made vegetable noodles several times since then but, kept forgetting to […]


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Pin ItI had an amazing visit with an old friend in LA last week. We laughed, hung out, and ate delightful food. Among the fantastic things I am taking away from that trip is the new “pasta” idea. My friend JJ and her husband have been cutting down on the carbs in their life but, […]

Day After Thanksgiving Chicken Broth

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Pin ItWait! Don’t throw away that turkey or chicken carcass from Thanksgiving! Do yourself a favor make home made broth. Fill up a large stock pot with water and throw that puppy into it! Add some celery, onions, garlic, carrots, and maybe some kale and collard greens! Allow the bones to boil down with garlic […]

Chop and Drop Meal: Chana Saag (Indian Spinach and Chickpea Curry)

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Pin ItSo this is gonna be a super quick post about my soon to be devoured dinner. A lightening fast Spinach Chickpea curry. YUM!!!! This whole adventure began because I’ve been on a kick lately to use all the spices and dried foods in my cabinet. Why? Well it frankly was starting to be sad. […]