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Pin It LAVENDER VODKA My adventures with Limoncello started me down a very deep rabbit hole of flavored Vodkas. I looked at so many recipes and ideas, but when the time came for my next adventure it was a no brainer: Lavender. I LOVE LAVENDER. And with good reason… the smell alone will relax me […]


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Pin It HOMEMADE LIMONCELLO I love Italian food… real Italian food with all the fresh vegetable, olives, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. I remember going into these tiny cafes in Florence and seeing the herbs being chopped or dough being hand rolled right in front of me. It reminded me of being in my mother’s kitchen, […]


Pin It HOW TO FOLD POT STICKERS AND WONTONS When I lived in NYC my girlfriends and I would go to this amazing Dim Sum House in Chinatown call Jing Fong. It is this MASSIVE warehouse of a place with hundreds of seats, steaming carts whizzing by, and super long lines of people waiting outside […]


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Pin It FIRECRACKER EDAMAME Are you looking for a simple Asian inspired side dish for dinner? Are you vegan or vegetarian and looking for a new twist on edamame… if so, then this spicy dish will make your day. I love edamame because I can boil them, throw them into fried rice or a salad. […]


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Pin It LAVENDER DREAM COCKTAIL Let’s get this out of the way first. Lavender Dream is a cocktail… an alcoholic cocktail. So, NO it is NOT healthy, but it is DELICIOUS!! So, yes this definitely falls squarely in the 20% category of my 80/20 rules. So with that…. Let the fun begin! After finishing undergrad […]


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Pin It HOMEMADE THAI ICE TEA A few weeks ago I was out at girl’s night with friends. We were ordering take out from our local joint that sells Thai and Chinese food. And there it was, gleaming at me from the menu, my favorite drink: Thai Ice Tea. I could see it… that delicious […]


Pin It Anyone that knows me is aware that I don’t want to waste a lot of time thinking about what I am going to make for dinner or to spend a lot of time cooking it either. I want a meal that I can throw in the oven or on the grill and forget […]

Lamb Chili – Indian Style

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Pin It    Last week I entered the annual Chili Cook-Off here in Athens. I’ve made vegetarian chili for the past two years and felt like a little change of pace. My taste buds were definitely happy for the change even if it meant I didn’t win. Word to the wise, don’t underestimate the vegetarian […]