One Hour Pasta Sauce! No Cans Allowed!

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Today is a rainy New York day. The sky is grey and yet I am gloriously happy. However, that is NOT the way my morning started out at all. I still have the sniffles from this cold I’ve been fighting off all week. I tossed and turned all night worried about a myriad of things. […]


Anyone that knows me is aware that I don’t want to waste a lot of time thinking about what I am going to make for dinner or to spend a lot of time cooking it either. I want a meal that I can throw in the oven or on the grill and forget about it […]

Lamb Chili – Indian Style

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   Last week I entered the annual Chili Cook-Off here in Athens. I’ve made vegetarian chili for the past two years and felt like a little change of pace. My taste buds were definitely happy for the change even if it meant I didn’t win. Word to the wise, don’t underestimate the vegetarian voters at […]


I’m not exactly sure why but, I’ve been obsessing about my liver health lately.  It’s weird. I mean it’s not as if I was unaware that my liver is vital organ.  I learned in high school biology that the liver helps the body digest food, store energy, manufacture proteins, and remove an array of toxins […]


    Fish has always been a major part of my diet. Blame it on being from California or my mother’s Creole heritage but, I LOVE fish.  I don’t care if you fry it, dice it, make a ceviche, sashimi, or grill it…I am ALWAYS game. I love the taste plus, it’s a super nutritious low-fat […]


EPISODE 14 -ZUCCHINI NOODLES   This particular episode has been a LONG time coming. Several people asked me for the recipe when I first made it back in December. I posted the basic instructions but, they wanted an official step-by-step episode. I have made vegetable noodles several times since then but, kept forgetting to film […]

P90x Reboot Week 3 recap

When I get stressed out, over worked, or start feeling a little down there is nothing like a good animated film to amuse me. The catchy songs, the upbeat themes, and easy to digest stories allow my over worked brain to relax.  Last week I watched Finding Nemo which I hadn’t seen it in a […]


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     At times I like to believe I am super woman and I can run a 20 ring circus and keep it all together…all the time.  But, I must admit that although I maybe able to do many many things at once and do them well… there is always a price to pay… something always […]